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We take the healing needs of the people beyond the previous boundaries of health care into a “whole” new world of holistic care. We know that today’s illnesses, disease, and general issues with health and happiness are multilayer-ed issues that need an array of tools and techniques in order to heal. Here at APJ Yoga Center , we provide a wide variety of classes, treatments, and programs in order to give our clients what they need to live happily and healthily in the world around them.

Founder, Master Arul Saravanan is a long time practitioner, teacher, and student of the yogic path. Having sat for guidance under many Enlightened Masters, Arul has become a passionate and dedicated leader for those on the healing and spiritual path. Here at our location, he conducts Yoga therapy classes, meditation programs, one day workshops on Natural Diet Therapy, Stress Management programs for corporates, couples Yoga Therapy, and more.

The details of our yoga programs are as follows;
· 15 days Yoga Therapy Programme.
· Level I –2 Months Yoga Training Programme.
· Level II – 2 Months Yoga Training Programme.
· One day Meditation Programme.
· Two days Meditation Programme.

We also offer personal therapeutic programs for those wishing to partake in a deep healing and spiritual experience. This experience takes a look into the lives of the clients on all aspects of their lives including Physical Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body, and Energy Body. We then work on all these levels cleansing and rejuvenating each of them individually in order to bring them together in a vital way. Just a few of the techniques we use for this process include; herbal oil massage, yoga therapy, chakra and aura scanning, Neuro linguistic programming, and fruit/ herbal therapy.

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About APJ Yoga

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India
Opened: all year
Styles: hatha, tantra
Techniques:meditation, pranayama
Courses: retreats and courses, teacher training, therapy, classes, office
Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Services:massage, nutrition/cooking
Accommodation: none
Food: none
Address: No 30, Lakshmi Flats, V. C. Garden 1st Street Mandaveli Show on Map
Links: Homepage