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Personal Yoga classes in Bangalore

Traditional Yoga - The Destination For Wellness!

Everyone wants to live a happy life...!

For that one should be able to prevent diseases or if already diseased, that must be cured to lead a happy life! Whether you are diseased or not, one should start practicing yoga. Because of the polluted air, water, pesticides food, hectic schedules & stress! For sure that results in diseases!

Disease doesn't mean just physical, it's mental too. Yoga takes care of physical and mental health too. Start practicing yoga today to stay away from diseases and experience the real happiness, peace & perfect life!

Having 20 + years of experience in yoga. I offer traditional yoga classes (prevention and healing) for all age groups at home!



Traditional Yoga Teacher & Healer

Be Healthy & Build A Healthy World!

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Yoga classes for individual in Bangalore

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Traditional yoga in Bangalore 9440259522

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