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Member of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation

Now as we enter the age of information, how is it that people are feeling more stress and are having increased levels of discomfort and disease in the body? Shouldn't we know how to take care of ourselves and our bodies better than this?

Well here at the Yoga Guru Studio we believe that the knowledge of healthy living already exists and has for a long time, and we are here with the intention of spreading this information to the masses. Join us in Delhi at our Pitampura location, or take your pick of our many other centers around Delhi and Norida.

We are part of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation, HHF, a NGO founded with the goal of facilitating the education of how to live healthily and happily in our world forever. We believe this to be a huge and vital task and are taking it on one step at a time by setting up yoga centers around the country. Holistic health is more than physical health only, it is also mental and spiritual health as well. Yoga is a means to bring health to all three of these levels of the body, through the practices of Pranayama, Asana, and Meditation. We also partake in providing assistance to elderly people, poor people in villages, and other helpless people.

At our various centers we offer a wide range of classes including Power Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Health Yoga (Yoga Therapy) for many different inflictions, Kids Yoga, Call Center Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Dance Yoga, Dynamic Meditation, and Memory Power Development. We also offer retreats, workshops, and a Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Our Teacher Training Program, which starts every March, June, September, and December and costs only 15,000Rs.

At our center here, we offer Power Yoga Classes on Tuesdays-Saturdays twice a day at both 7:15-8:15am and 5:15-6:30pm

Please contact us directly for information about classes at our many other studios, or to sign up for our YTT program.
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About The Yoga Guru Studio Pitampura

Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance
Location: North Delhi, Delhi, North India
Opened: all year
Techniques:meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra
Courses: retreats and courses, teacher training, therapy, therapy training, classes, private teacher, office
Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Services:massage, spa, ayurveda, sports/fitness, tours/excursions, nutrition/cooking
Accommodation: none
Food: none
Discounts: 1 free class
Address: Pitampura, New Delhi Show on Map
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