The Yoga Institute

the oldest organized yoga center in the world

The Yoga Institute in Mumbai was founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji. It is the oldest organized centre of Yoga in the world.
Shri Yogendraji is known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance from promoting the benefits of Yoga to the public, and pioneering yoga teacher training courses since 1954.

Located in an acre of lush greenery, the Institute is an oasis of peace in the middle of the hustle-bustle of Mumbai city. The simplicity, sincerity and non commercial angle of the Institute draws many people from across the world, and today more than a thousand people come to the Institute daily.

Plenty of yoga learning options are available:

- 1-month teacher training course
- 3-month teacher training course
- 7-month teacher training course
- 1-year teacher training course

- 7-day insight into yoga camps (introductory course to yoga theory and practice)
- Health camps (yoga believes that most health conditions are psychosomatic in nature)
- Vacation yoga camps for youngsters
- Camps on request (special camps for groups)

- Special regular class
- Weekend regular class
- Children regular class
- Parenting regular class
- Couples regular class

The Yoga Institute can arrange for experienced teachers to conduct yoga sessions at home for individuals or a group of family members/neighbours/friends, etc.

- Stress management program (6 hrs)
- Yoga for back and joint problems (6 hrs)
- Yoga for respiratory problems (6 hrs)
- Weight management (6 hrs)
- Yoga for women (6 hrs)
- Yoga for menopause (6 hrs)
- Ahara, eating your way to good health (3 hrs)
- Yoga and eyecare (3 hrs)
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About The Yoga Institute

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, North India
Opened: all year
Techniques:meditation, pranayama
Courses: retreats and courses, teacher training, therapy, therapy training, classes, private teacher, office
Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Accommodation: shared
Food: sattvic
Address: Prabhat Colony, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400055 Show on Map
Links: Homepage