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Abhinam Yoga Teacher Training Center in Goa

  • Yoga TTC Graduation Ceremony

    Yoga TTC Graduation Ceremony

  • Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

    Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

  • Yoga Teacher Training in India

    Yoga Teacher Training in India

  • Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in Goa

    Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in Goa

  • Iyengar Yoga Courses In Goa

    Iyengar Yoga Courses In Goa

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    Organic Food At Abhinam Yoga

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    Accommodation At Abhinam Yoga

  • Course Director Namito at Abhinam School

    Course Director Namito at Abhinam School

  • Yoga TTC in Goa

    Yoga TTC in Goa

  • Yoga In Goa

    Yoga In Goa

About Abhinam Center:

Abhinam Yoga Center organizes Yoga Alliance US and UK certified 200, 300 and 500 hour teacher training courses in India. We aim to teach the subject of yoga as a whole by not only focusing on asanas but also including philosophy, meditation, anatomy, physiology, mantra chanting and teaching methodology.

We also organize yoga holiday packages, workshops for beginners and retreats. Our highly qualified team has years of experience and aim to teach in a very supportive, open and safe environment.

The word yoga has become synonymous with physical exercise in the west and it has adopted gym culture. Yoga has turned into a “do and die” culture.

Abhinam Yoga School differs with the current fashionable and popular presentation of yoga. We are committed to bring back the true essence of yoga which is reflected in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and other yoga scriptures. Our aim is to make yoga teachers aware of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and practice without any injury.

200 hours Teacher Training Curriculum

Techniques, training, and practice

• Learning to master and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series

• Theory and practice of mantras, kriyas, pranayama, and various techniques of meditation

• Asana practice is focused on developing the quality of body alignment, observation and sharpening awareness of deeper physiological processes while performing an asana.

Teaching methodology

• Learning the art of alignment and hand on adjustment with the help of props

• Workshops on demonstration of asanas, Restorative yoga, yoga for specific groups of people and yoga to deal with common ailments like joints pain, back pain, thyroid, diabetes, etc.

• Qualities and conduct of a teacher while leading a class

• Business skills - how to promote your yoga business in the world of web marketing

• Conducting Vinyasa flow led classes with a touch of personal creativity

Anatomy and Physiology

• Learning about the musculoskeletal system with focus on bones, ligaments, origin & insertions of muscles with nerve supply.

• Basic overview of the structure and functions (anatomy and physiology) of different systems in a human body.

• Anatomy of pranayama with focus on energy systems, Chakras, energy bodies and cardiovascular system.

• Practical application of anatomy and physiology to yoga practices

Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers

• Minimum decency codes for yoga teachers (Vegetarianism)

• Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Samadhi and Sadhana (Chapter 1 & 2)

• Bhagavad Gita - Dhyana yoga (Chapter 6)

• Hatha Yoga Pradipika

• Meditations from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra text

• Ethics mentioned in yogic scriptures for yoga practitioners and teachers


• Leading Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series class

• Creating and leading a Vinyasa Flow led class

• Assisting lead trainers, observing and receiving feedback accordingly

• Tutorials, assignment, and exam

• Students will be required to engage in self-study and submit daily & weekly assignments on the basis of the day’s lectures and discussions.

• There will be a practical and a theory exam at the end of the course to assess the students on their learning, practice and teaching during the one month teacher training course.

Daily Schedule

07:00 - 08:00 Pranayama And Kriyas

08:00 - 10:00 Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series class

10:00 - 11:30 Breakfast

11:30 - 13:00 Theory: yoga philosophy / anatomy and physiology

13:00 - 15:00 Lunch

15:00 - 17:00 Workshops on teaching methodology; alignment and adjustment

17:00 - 18:00 Free flow led class

18:00 - 19:00 Evening Meditation class

19:00 - 20:00 Dinner

Academic Director- Sw.Yogananda Namito

Sw.Yogananda Namito started studying yoga at the age of seven under Swami Satyananda, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga and a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda. Later in his life he studied with great masters of yoga and spirituality such as B.K.S Iyengar and J.Krishnamurti.

It was Krishnamurti who inspired him to travel to Iyengar Institute Pune, India and meet Mr. Iyengar in order to learn yoga on deeper level and learn more about the effect of yoga on human body, mind and being. With the blessings of Guruji Iyengar, he fell in love with the art of yoga and began to learn yoga postures with accuracy, alignment and precision along with its therapeutic and medical aspect.

During his travelling years in Europe, Namito became interested in Ashtanga Vinyasa series, Mysore-style yoga and practiced with different European teachers of that style.

He reflects deeply on therapeutic and medical aspect of yoga. It protects his students from any kind of injury during yoga practice and trains them in preventive measures.

He has been learning and teaching yoga for more than twenty five years and feels as a raw beginner in this tremendous and vast field of yoga.

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Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance
  • Patnem, Goa, South India
  • All year
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga nidra
  • Courses/Retreats
  • Yoga Teacher Training basic
  • Yoga Teacher Training advanced
  • Local Classes
  • Yoga Therapy Training
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Ashrams
  • Yoga Holidays
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Tours/Excursions
  • Shared
  • Single
  • Double
  • House No 319, Patnem-Palolem Beach Road, Near Patnem Beach
  • Website
  • Yog Namito,
  • Phone: +91 7875052777

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