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Akshara Yoga School

  • Farm view at Akshara Yoga School

    Farm view at Akshara Yoga School

  • Asana practice with poplar trees in the backdrop

    Asana practice with poplar trees in the backdrop

  • Our Picturesque Yoga School

    Our Picturesque Yoga School

  • Atmospheric Yoga Hall

    Atmospheric Yoga Hall

  • Hatha Yoga TTC

    Hatha Yoga TTC

  • Asana practice

    Asana practice

Akshara Yoga School is located in the foot hills of Himalayas in the midst of 70 acre sustainable agriculture farm. Rich biodiversity, pollution free environment, healthy organic food and Yoga competency makes Akshara Yoga School, a one of its kind centre for Yoga learning in India.

The samskrit word ‘Akshara’ denoting the ‘imperishable’, highlights the dictum of Yoga as full awareness of the dimension of invariable (non-change) among the variable (change). This awareness of inner poise is also the cardinal principle of Yoga for keeping us physically fit, mentally calm and emotionally balanced. Aligned to this is the keynote essence of Indian spiritual heritage of ‘established in yoga perform action’, which help us to accomplish tasks with minimum stress or wear and tear of mind and body.

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga is closely knit to aforementioned central theme of yoga and spirituality, to bring out ones subtle dimensions. A wide range of yogic practices like kriya, asana, pranayama, dhyana and other advance yoga techniques are taught under the program towards gradual refinement of awareness.

A high quality of life is ensured for students by undertaking learning in safe, comfortable and environmentally clean atmosphere. We provide wholesome vegetarian diet which is organically sourced from our farm and promote daily schedule and lifestyle in tune with cosmic order.

Our school is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, which is a prestigious association of yoga schools and teachers. Students will be eligible to teach yoga anywhere in the world upon successful completion of training from our school.

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  • Vill- Tanda Vijaisi, Neoria, Pilibhit-262305 INDIA
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  • Saurabh Chaudhary,
  • Phone: +91.7830180366, 9312019109

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