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Dr Aanand Kambly (A.M.)

Director of the Ananda Centre, Institute of Samvahan Therapy, Treatment, Training & Research, based in Pune, India. He is a doctor in Alternate Medicine, personal disciple of Dr Ram Bhosale, Narayan Sapkal.

Also a Master in Ancient Siddha Yoga, Certified Samvahan Therapist, Certified Healer, Diploma in trigger point, Psychotherapist, with 13 years of experience. With Dr. Bhosle's blessings, Dr. Kambly has been teaching & practicing Samvahan. His patient’s includes people from every corner of the world. Actors, sports people, dancers and musicians amongst his patients. He has received various honors and recognitions for outstanding work in Art of Samvahan Therapy.

The Centre is located in the heart of Pune, sorrounded by calm and green roads, the centre enjoys an outstanding silence at the same time that is easily accesible for anyone in the city.

Loyal to the teachings of his Masters, Dr Kambly offers retreats of 4 days under donations to learn the ancient knowledge of spirituality, experience Siddha Yog meditation and healing, as well as the Samvahan unic technique practiced only by him.

Please check the website for upcoming retreats or send an email for group reservations (maximum 5 people, and mostly one to one teachings as in Indian tradition).

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  • Prabhat Rd, Pune
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  • Phone: +91.98.509.01.307

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