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Ananda Yoga Vendanta Ashram

Ananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram is an educational organization founded by Divine Educative Trust (non profit foundation). It is built on the path of Vedic principles (ancient Indian philosophy) and gurukul tradition (ancient Indian school system) with the aim to bridge the gap of knowledge between ancient and modern world.

AYVA’s vision is to impart and spread the ancient wisdom of Vedic sciences with the message of love, compassion and selfless service as the path to self realization and universal peace.

Special features of Ananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram:

* Spiritual and peaceful atmosphere.

* Personal attention, one to one guidance and mentoring.

* Chance to live and experience true yogic life in

pure and simple environment under the guidance of true yogis and saints.

* Various guest teachers, saints and masters to give our students different sources of information.

* Group discussions, conversations and exchange of ideas and experiences for the personal growth and growth of intellect.

* Introduction to different subjects like Ayurveda, Reflexology, Reiki etc.

* AYVA Yoga Teachers Association for continuous learning, coaching and mentoring.

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Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance
  • Central Delhi, Delhi, North India
  • All year
  • Meditation
  • Courses/Retreats
  • Local Classes
  • Yoga Teacher Training basic
  • Yoga Holidays
  • Ashrams
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage
  • Shared
  • Single
  • Unknown
  • Website
  • Phone: +91. 8887172812

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