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AryaMarga Yoga Research Institute

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    AryaMarga Yoga Research Institute

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    Asana Classes in the Forest

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AryaMarga Yoga has taken accountability for what we believe to be a restructuring of the existing Teacher Training Courses and through our highly intense curriculum deliver an unadulterated Yogic experience. Our aim is to recreate the style and content of teaching as was received personally by us from our Gurus of the ancient Lineage of Anuttara Yoga, a combination of the Hatha-Laya and Kundalini Yogas. Our courses are not particularly designed to be a career change, they are not vocational.

The 5 month ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC, or Experiential Yoga practice leads to a profound experience of authentic Yoga, it’s methods and views. The actual experience within of the learned theory and techniques, using the experiential tools of ANUBHAVA YOGA TTC helps to develop an intuitive understanding of the therapeutic values of the asanas and psychological techniques learnt for the mind and body.

This in turn allows the student to move from being one who experiences the power of Yoga, to one who heals, and helps develop the bodies and minds of others with Yoga- a true teacher.

Anubhava Yoga TTC : 20th March – 30th August 2018

For an individual to be called a Yoga teacher he/ she must show proficiency in four related areas of Yoga:


Yoga asana practice, Pranayama or Life force expansion techniques, Mudra or Life-force expressions, Bandhas or Life-force locks and the Shatkarma or the 6 Cleansing practices.


Understanding the theory of Samkhya Yoga based personality diagnosis. Application of Yogic techniques in two separate areas- firstly, self- willed evolution for one’s own personality complex, and secondly, yogic psychological counseling for others based on Yogic diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic techniques.


In-depth understanding of human anatomy-physiology and the effects of Yoga asanas, pranayamas and psychological techniques, on the multiple body systems involved in homoeostasis.

Yogic theory of disease origins, prevention and cure. Application of the Hatha Kriyas and Yoga Psychotherapy in curing diseases and physiotherapy, across a range of 60 diseases.


Theory of Tantra and Emptiness; Practice of Tattva Shuddhi or 5 Elemental Purification; Theory and techniques of Kundalini based Shat Chakra Bhedhana or Penetration of the 6 Circles.

It is our belief, at Aryamarga Yoga, that to attain a minimum proficiency in the above 4 inter- related areas of Yoga, a minimum period of 5 months of intensive training is necessary.

The Aryamarga Yoga teachings are an integrated system of untouched and unchanged practices of the 4 stages of Yoga, handed down over a period of more than 5000 years from ancient Guru-s of the Lineage of the 84 Mahasiddha-s / Great Accomplishers. Our Guru, at whose lotus feet we had the fortune of receiving the essence of these teachings hails from the same lineage.

The authentic teachings divide the practice of Yoga into 4 sections - to balance and amplify life-energy, to evolve the mind, to transform consciousness and finally to attain One-ness with universal consciousness.These 4 stages are known as Hatha, Mantra, Kundalini and Samadhi in Yoga. We teach the 4 stages separately in retreats and in an integrated form in the Teachers and Advanced Teachers Training Courses.

We are based in the scenic town of Bir, about 65kms away from Dharamshala, Himachal.

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