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Dhairya Yoga Foundation Dwarka Mor

Dhairya Yoga Foundation visions a healthy India. DYF helps people overcome physical and mental ailments with the help of Yoga.

DYF believes in social holistic health and therefore, we initiated Listen India Movement to attain our goal.

Benefits of Dhairya yoga:

Dhairya Yoga rejuvenates you instantly.

Effective weight loss

It develops patience which leads to a stable mind and fit body.

It enhances better functioning of internal bodily systems which improves your endurance.

It helps you overcome a stressed life style.

We promote positive individual and social health and help people unite with self and society. Dhairya Yoga Foundation(DYF) believes and promote social health through Yoga and to fulfill our aim, We have started providing Yoga sessions at different locations to attain positive social health. Health is not mere physical but mental and social as well. After pondering and discussing a lot, we concluded that our country requires multipurpose initiatives to overcome penury; which is not just financial, but social as well: Social insecurity, insensitivity and discrimination are to name them a few. we have started Listen India Movement. Dhairya Yoga Foundation(DYF) believes in learning new things while retaining what you already have.India has always had external cultural influences in the past and the modern world does not have a different situation as well. However, we accepted them with warmth and were successful in retaining our own existence(Indian culture). Dhairya Yoga Foundation(DYF) visions to establish our culture among youth in India and retaining it in the populace.

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  • West Delhi, Delhi, North India
  • All year
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Local Classes
  • Private Teachers
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Office Yoga
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • None
  • None
    1 free class
  • Nishant Vatika, Nawada Housing Complex, Nr Metro Pillar 792
  • Amit K/ Sumit Jha,
  • Phone: +91.9811982421/ 8826384286

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