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Feeling Soul Good

  • Feeling Soul Good

    Feeling Soul Good

  • Feeling Soul Good

    Feeling Soul Good

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Feeling Soul Good, The Alchemy of Yoga and Sound.

We are an international Yoga school offering Yoga asana and Pranayama Teacher trainings in India and Bali.

We integrate the balance of mind, body and spirit connection. Cross referencing to both the physical and the subtle bodies.

Our asana focus is a mix of traditional hatha and Vinyasa. Integrating the union of opposites through yin and yang practices.

Aside from Asana practice we incorporate the powerful practice of Pranayama, kriyas and Bandhas. Once a year we offer a Pranayama teacher training in India, to assist those who want to incorporate Pranayama in your own teaching classes by integrating and deepen your own practice ind understanding.

Also in our courses we integrate the focus on listening to your inner wisdom, and then having the courage to follow your guidance through meditation, sound healing (nada yoga) , pranayama, kriyas, yoga nidra and sound healing journeys .

Coming up events for 2017 are:

-200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali , Aug 27- Sept 21, 2017

An in-depth study of the ancient practice of pranayama. Dive deep into the practice and knowledge of pranayama and complimentary practice’s of Bandhas, Kriyas,Mantras, Meditation and subtle body practices.

Designed for Yoga Teachers and serious yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice and knowledge of Pranayama. Continuing educational credits with Yoga alliance. Offered in the northern India surrounded and supported by nature near the base of the Himalaya mountain range and a view of Mother Ganga

A side from the practical and theoretical aspect of this intensive we will be deeply connecting to nature through silent walks, sound healing and fire ceremonies.

We invite you to join us on this three week Pranayama Intensive that works on the subtle modalities of energy body which calms the mind, heals the body and deepen your connection with the spirit.


This training includes practice of

Pranamaya, 2x per day




Yoga Nidra,



Nada Yoga

Subtle and physical anatomy

Yogic Philosophy.

Instead of just flexing muscles, ligaments and tendons or modulating physiological make-up, the integration of Pranayama with asana and other yogic practices also works on Nadis (subtle conduit or carrier of prana) for a deeper transformation.

In this intensive you build a healthy habit of breathing exercises and understand the diverse benefits of pranayama by daily practice of various techniques which includes warm-up, relaxation, balancing, tranquilizing, cleansing and clearing energy blockages with regular insight into the study of Panchakoshas (Five Vital Bodies), Panchvayus (Five Vital Airs), Bandhas (Locks), Mudras (Psychic Gestures), Chakras (Subtle Energy Centers) and overall understating of Respiratory System.

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  • A -11 Swag ashram, Rishikesh
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