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    Fitness Yoga

  • Fitness Yoga

    Fitness Yoga

Welcome to FITNESS YOGA - your complete fitness, exercise and health junction.

The time is now to choose a healthier lifestyle and physical exercise is a big part of that. We are pleased to offer various types of fitness program for the beginners to the advanced people, to help you to stay fit, energized and healthy. FitnessYoga provides all health services at your door step

Fitnessyoga programs are designed specifically to help you to get the most of the time that you to spend with us.

Our instructors are certified and passionate enough to provide you a great workout experience. Our team will help you out by providing all the fitness and exercise information you need to get started. FITNESS YOGA have a team that will keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of fitness and health.

Everyone deserves to look and feel great. FITNESS YOGA believes that getting fit should be a positive, enjoyable experience! You will get all the tools you need to be successful. Transform your day by focusing on your breath and moving into your body.

This yoga class focuses on Pranayama (breathing work), Asana (postures) and concludes with Savasana (deep relaxation).

To get the maximum benefits of yoga, one has to combine the practices of Yogasanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

Getting fit has never been easier! You can achieve great things with FITNESS YOGA, provided you have the right technical guidance and psychological support. Now, you can receive expert advice and encouragement from our leading fitness professionals at a time.

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  • South Delhi, Delhi, North India
  • All year
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    1 free class
  • Pacific Sport complex Near Central School, Andreues Ganj, Near by L.S.R College Oposite-G.K-1 Petrol pump Delhi-110048
  • Website
  • Mangesh Trivedi,
  • Phone: +91.9911849575 / 9278449575

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