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Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre

> 5-day Yoga Courses for Beginners:

These 5-day courses are designed to introduce the Iyengar method of Yoga to the beginner student and to provide a working knowledge of how to continue one's daily practice after the course is completed. Corrective, rejuvenating/energizing and relaxing/meditative postures are the focus.

> 5-day Yoga Courses for Continuing Students:

After successfully completing the 5-day Yoga Course for Beginners, students who want to continue start class early in the morning and are instructed by Sharat. These students are taught additional postures and guided, according to the pace at which they develop.

Both Five-day Courses take 3 to 3.5 hours daily and cost 4000 INR. In order to support long-term study at our Centre, the weekly fee decreases after the second week and continues to decrease with each following week, until it reaches 2000 INR.

>Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre “Teachers Training Course” with Sharat Arora at the Himalaya Shanti Ashram

The Teachers Training Course with Sharat Arora is a practical training of the application of Asanas and Pranayama for all students levels, situations and age groups. In other words, it is not only about knowing all the details of the Yoga Practice, but actually

being able to convey it to others and have enough expertise to guide them on the physical, mental as well as the energetic level.

The Teachers Training Course (TTC) - six-week long, rigorous training - is taking place at the Himalaya Shanti Ashram, our special place for Yoga, Meditation and Healing to enhance a deeper and more focused practice and study.

The first part of the TTC includes the 3 weeks of the Intensive Yoga Course focusing on a specific theme, preparing the students for a deep exploration in their Yoga Practice. This time is dedicated for the intensive daily Practice of Asanas, Meditation, Relaxations and Pranayama - from early morning until sunset. This time is a total retreat where the students devote themselves entirely to self-exploration, change and transformation, leaving very little or no time for other activities.

It is followed then by the 3 weeks of the pedagogical training during which the students focus on all the different aspects of Teaching Yoga to others. It is designed for motivated practitioners who wish to make the spiritual path of Yoga their way of life and would like to share it with others guiding them on that path.

During the Teachers Training pedagogical part of the Course students are expected to prepare themselves by the Self Yoga Practice of inverted positions and Pranayama in the early mornings, so that during the late morning sessions they are able to focus fully and explore in depth each aspect of Asanas revealed in great detail by Sharat Arora. It is also during these late morning sessions that we learn to diagnose body and mind problems by identifying imbalances & misalignments and how to help them.

During the afternoons, participants learn instructions, the sequencing of the most important postures, as well as the identification of mistakes in the Asanas and their corrections. Moreover the study of Self-Presentation as a teacher is explored in great detail – including all the aspects of the body language as well as the adequate use of the voice, to create motivating positive atmosphere as well as to wake up trust and respect in the students.

Students participating in the Teacher‘s Training Course will be provided with two healthy vegetarian meals, along with afternoon tea on a daily basis. The daily schedule, course structure and retreat atmosphere follow the same structure as the Intensive Courses. It is expected that Self-Practice is completed each day, before the morning class begins.

> Special Courses:

Our Special Courses usually last 10 days and focus on a specific topic within Yoga practice:

- Yoga for Vipassana Meditators

- Therapy Courses

- Yoga for Children

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