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Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

  • Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

    Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

  • Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

    Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

  • Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

    Indian Shanti Yoga Festival

3-day celebration of wellness, spiritual expansion and conscious living through yoga, health, ayurveda, spiritual music and healthy food. It is a perfect holiday to start your year with lots of positives and healing energy for rest of the year!

All styles of Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Music melting together in the most amazing beach of Goa.

Traditional Hatha Yoga · Vinyasa Yoga ·

Ashtanga Yoga · Sivananda Yoga ·

Raja Yoga · Tibetian Yoga ·

Acro Yoga · Mantra Yoga ·

Bhakti Yoga · Kundalini Yoga ·

Kids Yoga · Meditation ·

Ayurveda · Relaxation Therapies ·

Kids Camp ·

and much more!

Shanti Yoga Festival are held at la Cabana resort and spa in Ashven Beach from the 3rd to the 5th of January mostly all years.The festival starts on the 3rd morning with a lord Ganesha invocation and will finish with all bands jamming circle on the 5th evening. This Festival will focus on bringing together the ancient knowledge in the different ashrams and traditions in India to combine them with the new modern techniques of relaxation evolving around the globe. There will be quite a few Ashrams directors in the festival to present their specific understanding of Yoga and spirituality such as Nataraj (Director Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar dam, Kerala), Swami Gurusharanananda (Director Anandamoyi Maa Peet, Omkareshwar), Swami Sugoshananda (Director Ponda Chinmaya Mission Ashram), Dr.Omkarananda Guruji ( Director, Paramananda Yoga Niketan, Indore) , Sindhu Maa (Director Tulasidasa Ashram , Kerala)and many more.. The Yoga teachers from the major Yoga schools of India would bring the flair of yoga in like of : Bihar school of Yoga, RIMYI Iyengar School Of Yoga Pune, Krishnamacharya healing yoga foundation K.P. jois Ashtanga Yoga institute Mysore and so on. More over to bring in the modern approaches to the practice there would be Pau Castellsague from Spain for Thai Massage , Helen Ruth from the U.K., Marcus Felsner From Austria, Satish Joshi (Ayurveda Therapist from Germany) and many many more. Although there are many Speakers and Yoga teachers, the highlight of the festival is to bring bhakti yoga into motion for which there would be Kirtan bands like Kirtaniyas (U.K), Vraja Vilas(Mumbai), Ajay Yagnik (Delhi ) would be performing the evening sunset concerts. There would be a few Free events in the festival such as Hanuman Chalisa and Divine Mother Invocation which would also cultivate the Spirit of Bhakti in the hearts of the participants.There would also be a Yoga Market space giving space to different vendors to promote their products and retreats to the Festival crowd. The Ayurvedic food and small food stands would make sure that people are getting good nutritious and delicious food during the festival. The Indian Shanti Yoga Festival will be offering a support to a children orphanage in Thiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu by the name of Heart Kids.

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  • Ashwem, Goa, South India
  • January
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  • La Cabana- Aquatica Beach Resort Ashvem beach, Mandrem
  • Deep Deka,
  • Phone: +91.7896046197

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