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Kaivalyam Retreat

  • Kaivalyam Retreat

    Kaivalyam Retreat

  • Kaivalyam Retreat

    Kaivalyam Retreat

  • Kaivalyam Retreat

    Kaivalyam Retreat

Explore the depths of your practice while enjoying the surroundings of our beautiful home here at Kaivalyam Retreat located in Munnar, Kerala. Our Eco-Retreat is nestled into a peaceful valley, filled with trees, spice farms, and natural bubbling steams. We are located on 11 acres of land full of organic gardens of fruit, vegetables, roses, and spices.

Our aims is to provide the location and services to help restore balance and health to the lives of all who pass through as a guest here. We are committed to promoting Yoga in its traditional form in a back-to-nature ashram setting. Our classes are for all levels of students with the goal of reducing stress, increasing relaxation, improving stamina and strength, and providing overall health benefits.. We teach Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation to integrate and facilitate the body, mind, and soul connection.

Our programs offered are 6 days and 7 nights for either beginners or advanced practitioners of Yoga. These packages cost Rs 14000 for beginners and Rs 15000 for advanced and include; twice daily yoga classes, a 2 hour theory session, evening meditation class, and nearby sightseeing, and hiking. This program runs the 13th - 18th of every month. We also offer special programs during the monsoon season with a month long course costing Rs 30000, all inclusive of food, accommodations, daily yoga, meditation, and theory classes.

Check out our package for honeymooners with 3 days and 2 nights, costing Rs 7500 or Rs 5500 for off season price. This program includes; room decoration, honeymoon bath kit, dinner - 2 times (candle lite dinner - 1 time), breakfast in lawn/room - 2 times, guided plantation & river side hiking – 3hrs, and a parting gift.

Additionally, for Senior Citizens we offer a 3 day and 2 night package ranging from Rs 7000 during season to Rs 5000 off season. This package includes; an on arrival 15 minute foot reflexology treatment, an evening restorative yoga session, breakfast & homely dinner - 2 times, early morning hot herbal drink, and a rejuvenating morning Qi-Gong session.

Off season is June through September.

Our accommodations are comfortable and state of the art including; in room broadband internet, satellite/cable TV, 24 hours hot/cold shower, and room heater. Our facilities include an on-call doctor, 24 hour room service, concierge, wireless internet, and in-house laundry.

Please feel welcome to contact us directly for any questions and for all your booking needs!

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  • Mannur, Kerala, South India
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  • Moolakada, Pallivasal
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  • Phone: +91.4865 232628

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