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Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

  • Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

    Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

  • Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

    Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

  • Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

    Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra

Ideally located in the yoga capital of Southern India, Mysore Hatha Yoga Kendra is a center where Yogic practitioners from all ages from all over the world can come together to practice. We are centrally located in Mysore and we are surrounded by many amenities and accommodations for our students who wish to stay nearby.

Our Yoga instructor, Praveen is from Mysore city, he entered the professional world as an engineer and worked in this line for 8 years. This trying work situation caused many physical and mental problems for him, such as colds, Spondlites, and stress. His sister was the first person who turned him onto yoga and his journey into healing himself and learning to become and instructor began. He trained to become a yoga teacher at Bharath Shetty, also located in Mysore, since then he has taught a wide range of students here in Mysore.

We offer many classes to assist many different people and their needs to heal their bodies, deepen their interpersonal connections, and find their full expression of their individual potential. Our classes are in the style of Hatha Yoga Vinyasa, linking breath with movement in order to build strength, detoxify the body, and focus the mind. Our classes are offered at all levels from beginners basic courses through advanced classes for a serious workout.

The Basic Course is available in one to three months length programs with philosophy, theory, Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. Additionally we offer yoga for kids, which builds creativity, concentration, and self-awareness. Our Back Bending Course focus on opening the heart, spine, and chest cavity. Yoga for Concentration assists people such as students, athletes, or anyone who feels the desire to deepen their abilities to focus. Regular meditation and pranayama courses are also available.

Please contact us directly or drop by for more information about our current schedule.

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  • Mysore, Karnataka, South India
  • All year
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Courses/Retreats
  • Local Classes
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
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  • 953/1, Ganesha Krupa, Kantharaja Urs Road, opp. Friendly Motors, Laxmipuram, Mysore
  • Website
  • Praveen,
  • Phone: +91.821-2331505

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