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Nativsouls Yoga

  • Nativsouls Yoga

    Nativsouls Yoga

  • Nativsouls Yoga

    Nativsouls Yoga

Nativsouls is delighted to present a treat to all the health lovers out there. We bring you an exclusive yoga shop & studio in one of the most exotic locations in GOA.

The purpose of the studio is to bring people a step closer to the Indian Culture & it offers a great opportunity to shed all your stress to gain a free mind, body & soul.

Yoga is more of a culture than mere science, it brings you closer to nature & makes you respect the value of everything you see, feel & think. We have certified yoga teachers

that specialise in asana, Pranayama, dhyana, Surya namaskar( sun salutation ) & many more aspects of yoga to that helps you to lead a healthy life & beautiful thinking.

Don't forget to bring :

A yoga mat

A pair of shorts

A T-shirt ( preferably no prints )

A free mind &

tons of excitement

Don't forget to take :

A value

An art

An experience

A learning for life.

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  • Mapusa, Goa, South India
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  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga nidra
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  • Organic
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  • Custom individual diet
  • Anjuna North Goa
  • Website
  • Animesh Gupta,
  • Phone: +91.9717928553

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