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Prana Vashya Yoga

  • Prana Vashya Yoga

    Prana Vashya Yoga

  • Prana Vashya Yoga

    Prana Vashya Yoga

  • Prana Vashya Yoga

    Prana Vashya Yoga

  • Prana Vashya Yoga

    Prana Vashya Yoga

The Shala has been operating since 2001 and is located in the heart of Gokulum, Mysore. At the shala we teach a unique and dynamic form of yoga called Prana Vashya where the rhythm of the breath is followed throughout the practice. The focus on the breath and the use of breath locks helps to develop intense stamina physically, physiologically and Psychologically.

Pranayama is practiced every day after asana. The students are guided into their own practices according to their breath capacity and experience.

Prana Vashya was developed by Vinay Kumar, the teacher at the shala. Vinay has won numerous yoga competitions including the All India and Champion of Champions many times over. Vinay is renowned in Mysore for his authentic teaching style, his presence and ability to work within each individuals own capacity. He has a masters in psychology and uses this to bring about a new approach to working with the individuals behaviour and promoting a positive change in the practitioners lifestyle.

Vinay is also well known for his back bending and general flexibility courses and students from all over Mysore come to the Shala for these classes. He uses unique and highly specialised therapeutic exercises which assists the practitioner in practising advance back bending with safety and increased flexibility.

On Saturdays Bhajan is held at the Shala lead by Vinay and his Mother...this is not to be missed!

We hold 4 week intensive courses, 8 week Teacher Trainings, Back Bending and Yoga Therapy classes. Details of the courses are listed below:

Prana Vashya Primary Series:

In this 60 asana series, understand and perfect the relationship between breath and asana. The Prana Vashya vinyasa is practised between asana to develop strength with flexibility.

Sunday - Friday: 7:15 - 8:45

Back Bending and Flexibility Level 1

The back bending and flexibility development course has no sequence of asanas. The practice focuses on each student individually. The practitioners will be given sequences of asanas depending upon their physical requirements which helps to reduce rigidity in the muscles and increase their flexibility. This is not a flow practice. The practitioner will be allowed to relax in every posture and feel the effect. Several advanced postures will be broken down to suit the practitioner's needs and thereby by increasing his performance as a whole.

Sunday - Friday: 17:00 -19:00

Basic Non-Retention Pranayama:

Basic non-retention Pranayama, a sequential pattern of Pranayama techniques is taught after asana practice. The main focus will be to purify the nervous system thereby providing strength to them which results in the effective reduction of stress in the practitioner.

It also provides knowledge regarding the perfection in Sthithi (position) and Drishti (vision) in order to experience a development of breath hold to proceed towards Kumbhaka (retention) Pranayama.

Sunday - Friday: 8:45 - 10:00

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