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Pushkar Meditation Temple

  • Pushkar Meditation Temple

    Pushkar Meditation Temple

  • Morning Integrated Yoga + Meditation Session

    Morning Integrated Yoga + Meditation Session

  • Swamiji


Pushkar Meditation Temple reflects the vision of Swamiji Kapri, an internationally acclaimed yoga + meditation teacher, committed to re-establishing yoga as a spiritual discipline.

Pushkar Meditation Temple is a Yoga Alliance, USA registered school. The teachings are based on the ancient Raja/Ashtanga yoga of sage Patanjali. Hatha/Kundalini, Laya and Hamsa Yoga are taught as part of the course. The teaching at Pushkar Meditation Temple is divided into three streams: 1. Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYT200). INR 60,000 2. Therapeutic Application of Yoga Immersion one week INR 20,000 3. Bringing Yoga + Meditation into Daily Life 2-Hour Daily Packages a) 1 - Session Introductory package INR 500 b) 3 - Session Basic package INR 1000 c) 7- Session Intermediate package INR 2000 d) 12-session immersion package INR 3500 e) 21- Session Advanced package INR 5000.

Yoga Teacher Training course starts on 1st of every month, the one- week Yoga Therapy Immersion on 23rd of every month and the Daily 2-Hour session is every morning from 8 to 10.

Come, experience the joy of yoga with Swamiji!

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Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance
  • Other, Rajasthan, North India
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  • Meditation
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  • Dadhich Ashram, Main Market Rd, Brahma Chowk, Pushkar
  • Website
  • Swamiji Kapri,
  • Phone: +91.145 277 3883

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