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Rhythmic power yoga

  • Rhytmic Power Yoga

    Rhytmic Power Yoga

  • Rhytmic Power Yoga

    Rhytmic Power Yoga

B K Power Yoga (Rhythmic Power Yoga) Institute is a perfect place for power yoga classes programs in Indore, India.

About Us

Mr. Barun Kushwah is the director & owner of the Institute. Yoga is his passion and he introduces novices for better results. His classes are extremely pleasant, lively and full of rhythm.

He focuses on correct body alignments and flexibility so as to strengthen the body. For him, teaching yoga is an enlightening experiencing leading to an infinite journey in search of clarity and purpose. He completed his yoga teachers' training in the year 2009 and rendered his expertise performances in varied camps in schools & colleges. He has also secured gold medal in yoga Olympiad competitions. He has done his post- graduation in yoga and meditation and an advanced diploma in yoga Instructors course from S-VYASA University, Bangalore. He has been enjoying the path of yoga for the last 11 years.

He believes in consistency and feels that yoga is extremely beneficial not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. He brings a positive energy to his class and we can feel the artistic blend of his professionalism with experience in his classes. He makes Yoga an exceptional journey to experience life in its fullest way.


We aim for perfection in yogasanas, pranayams,

meditation, power yoga and traditional classical

yoga therapeutic treatment of various ailments


Obesity (weight loss, fitness & Full body


1. Back Pain

2. Cervical spondylitis

3. Diabetes

4. Thyroid Problems

5. Hypertension (Blood Pressure)

6. Indigestion

7. Memory Development

8. Anger Management

9. Eye Problems

10. Stress Management

11. Legs Problems

12. Stomach Ulcers

13. Asthma

14. Arthritis

15. Migraine.

16. Mental Ability

17. Allergies etc.



Book your free trial class

Our classes are suited for individuals of all ages.

1. Yoga Classes

2. Power Yoga

3. Advanced yoga

4. Pranayama and Breathing practice

5. Meditation Classes

6. Facial Yoga

We can organize group activities, events or

workshops for hotels, company's, schools,

colleges or customize any kind of health and

fitness related activities according to your need.

We also provide services for home coaching or

any special treatment needed for personal health

and wellbeing.

Any other query is welcome.

Benefits of Power Yoga

1. Calorie burning.

2. Increases stamina, strength, flexibility and tone.

3. Mental peace & positive energy.

4. Alleviates stress and tension.

5. Eliminates toxins through sweat.

6.boosts the immune system.

Center Add:-

1. Yashwant Plaza Center Address-


S 110, 2nd Floor, Yashwant Plaza,

Opp. Railway Station, Behind Central Mall,Indore

2. Geeta Bhavan Centre Address-


5/5b , Navratan Bagh Road

Near Geeta Bhawan Square,


3. Vijay Nagar Centre Address-


Rhythmic Power Yoga Indore

Holistic Solutions Indore

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  • Indore, Madhya Pradesh, North India
  • All year
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga nidra
  • Yoga Teacher Training basic
  • Local Classes
  • Private Teachers
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Office Yoga
  • Beginner
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  • Sports/Fitness
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    1 free class ,
  • 104, 2nd floor, Yashwant plaza, behind Central Mall, Indore
  • Website
  • Barun Kushwah,
  • Phone: +91.9907904001

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