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    Rishikul Yoga

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    Rishikul Yoga

Aditattva is a forum and community of yoga teachers and aspirants who provide comprehensive ideas and knowledge in diverse spectrum of yogic discipline. As a forum Aditattva invites yogis from all over the world to participate and share their experiences of yoga with the aspirants who would like to venture into diverse and time proven philosophy and teaching of yoga.

Structure of our classes at Aditattva is in the pattern of workshop which creates a very dynamic, vibrant, interactive and stimulating environment for emergence of unique life transforming ideas and understanding out of discussions.

Our offering

100 Hours Living Consciously Yoga/Meditation Retreat program (Duration 7-10 days)

At Aditattva we have created a life transforming 100 hours yoga/meditation retreat program. The modules of yoga retreat incorporate nuances of traditional meditation teachings and life transforming theoretical principles of yogic philosophies.

Living consciously meditation retreat program is one of the best programs which are being taught in Rishikesh. The modules developed for this yoga retreat is integral in nature and will help you to explore the depths of traditional meditation techniques of pratyahara and dharana.

There are following key features of our meditation retreat program-

1. Unique blend of Hatha and Vinyasa classes in the morning and evening every day.

2. Daily chanting of healing mantras in the morning

3. Workshops on intense topics of traditional Indian yogic philosophies every day.

4. Workshops on each technique of Pratyahara and Dharana taught during the retreat. This includes discussions on psychotherapeutic, philosophical and practical aspects of each of the meditation techniques taught.

5. Apart from access to our library; as a token of gift we offer our each participant a set of yoga manual and books, a set of meditation CDs, and other workshop accessories.

6. We provide Post retreat assistance through lecture handouts, newsletters, online Q/A Assistance and free subscription of our yoga blogs.

7. Accommodation and classes at one of the most beautiful and scenic location in Rishikesh.

8. Guided spiritual sojourn to various places of spiritual significance around Rishikesh.

9. For those who have time constraints there will be an option to join the course for 7 days.

Retreat Fee

Our retreats are offered at a very reasonable fee of $500 for 7 day and $700 for 10 day program inclusive of class teaching, food, accommodation and spiritual sightseeing. To book the seat in advance you need to pay an advance non refundable fee of $100 for yoga retreat program. Remaining amount needs to be paid upon arrival.

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