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Viniyoga Chikitasalaya

  • Viniyoga Chikitasalaya

    Viniyoga Chikitasalaya

ViniYoga chikitsalaya is a highly specialized and unique Training and Healing centre based in Mumbai. It specializes in Yoga Teaching and Yoga Therapy programs with the primary aim of bringing the healing wisdom of yoga as a complimentary system of health within the reach of everyone.

Whatever be the starting point of the individual – healing, personal growth or spiritual development, ViniYoga chikitsalaya offers training, support and guidance through every step of the yoga continuum, making the ancient wisdom accessible, relevant and an integral part of daily life.

Shanti Chavan, Founder of ViniYoga chikitsalaya, began her journey in the path of yoga and healing almost 14 years ago. She studied and trained in a very unique tradition that is based on personalizing yoga to the individual.

She graduate with Microbiology holds Masters Degree in Library & information Science. She completed Diploma in Yoga Education and certificate course in Yogic therapy from one of reputed yoga institute of India i.e Kaivalyadama, and Advanced Diploma in Teacher Training

( Viniyoga- Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga ) from Viniyoga Healing Foundation of India, Chennai. Presently learning therapeutic aspects of Iyengar Yoga. Last 6 yrs. Associated with well known institute in india, Kaivalyadhama as a Yoga teacher and therapist.

She is also a trained facilitator and works through integrating the modern facilitation skills with the ancient yogic tools and techniques adapted to the needs and challenges of modern life.

In Mumbai running Yoga Group Fitness Class and Individualized Therapy Class.

At Viniyoga chikitsalaya : c/o G.S.S health care, shop. No. 21, Broadway shopping center, Dadar T.T, Mumbai – 400 014 --------- presently conducting Yoga’s General & Therapeutic Classes for An Individual & For A Group.

----- Also Conducting talks & workshops on different aspects of yoga for General Public and Corporate Sector.

At Viniyoga chikitsalaya : c/o Zen Wellness cafe: 207, 2nd floor, Wood Raw Building, Empire Studio, Veera Desai Road,

Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 058.

---- Only Yoga’s Therapy Consultation Class for An Individual, including Diet and Personal Counseling.

She travels and teaches in other parts of India, spreading the teachings and healing wisdom through training programs, wellness workshops, and personalized yoga classes.

What will I learn?

You will learn to connect with your body and breathe at a deeper level. Through gentle movements that improve your flexibility, strength and alignment. Breath work establishes the foundation for any positive change to come.

You can choose to advance your practice of self-exploration by studying the Yoga Sutra and delving deeper into meditation and mindfulness practices.

You will learn a variety of methods for identifying and releasing stress.

You will develop greater control over your thoughts and actions and therefore become more efficient at whatever you do.

Each participant will receive a thorough lifestyle and health consultation setting relevant physical and emotional goals in collaboration with, and continuously guided by, the yoga consultant.

yoga for for pain relief with Ancient mar-mam Techniques, for all kinds of Pain in joints, pain due to muscle stiffness or tightness, cervical compression, faulty postures, migraine, headache, etc.

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  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, North India
  • All year
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Courses/Retreats
  • Local Classes
  • Private Teachers
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy Training
  • Online Courses
  • Office Yoga
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage
  • Sports/Fitness
  • Tours/Excursions
  • Nutrition/Cooking
  • None
  • Custom individual diet
  • Viniyoga Chikitsalaya : c/o 5C / 902, new hind mill mahda compound, mazagaon, Mumbai – 400 010
  • Shanti Chavan,
  • Phone: +919594307589

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