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Yoga Teacher Training program

  • Yoga Teacher Training program

    Yoga Teacher Training program

Our Programs Details:-

(RTY)Yoga Teacher Training (Certified by World Yoga Alliance & Govt. of India)

Yoga T.T.C 200 hours & 500 hours.

World yoga alliance is a registered organization by Govt of India. This is a world class training Studio for yoga learners and to those who want to adopt yoga as a profession. After the successful completion of the Teacher Training course, the certificate provided is valid all over the India and the World. It is also a great place for those who are in search of health, happiness, peace, and harmony.

Become a Better yoga teacher:-

To offer you the best yoga training programs we consist a team of very professional and experienced yoga teachers. World yoga alliance will you give a Special Techniques for becoming a better yoga Teacher. Join in concurrent morning and afternoon sessions on a variety of topics and Yoga practices class. Most of our sessions are eligible for world yoga alliance continuing education credit. This is the professional society for yoga teacher.

Syllabus of Study:

Yoga Teacher Training - Duration: four weeks

Matter of Study (Yoga teacher training - 200-hour level)

Method, principle, sequencing, adjusting, benefits and cautions of

1. Asana Practice and Asana philosophy

2. Pranayam (breathing techniques),

3. Mudra and Bandha (Yogic locked)

4. Meditation

5. Cleansing process (Kriya)

6. Teaching practice

7. Basic Ayurveda, nutrition and the yogic diet.

8. Anatomy (physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga.)

9. physiology of yogic practice

10. Teaching Methodology of different styles of yoga- Patanjali Ashtanga, Traditional & Classical Hatha, Vinyasa, Shivananda, Power yoga etc.

11. Hatha yoga pradipica

12. Mantra recitation

13. Introduction of Seven chakras and five elements.

14. Yogic life style.

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Registered Yoga School (RYS) by Yoga Alliance
  • Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, North India
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  • Custom individual diet
  • The Guru Kripa Ashram Below Youngling School Jogiwara Road, Mcleod Ganj - Dharmshala
  • Website
  • Dharam Yogi.,
  • Phone: +91 7417417406

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