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Yoga Therapy Centre

  • Yoga Therapy Centre

    Yoga Therapy Centre

  • Yoga Therapy Centre

    Yoga Therapy Centre

  • Yoga Therapy Centre

    Yoga Therapy Centre

Holistic therapy is the combination of different healing arts in order to restore vitality and wellness in the whole being. At the Yoga Therapy Centre in Mumbai we believe that using combinations of these beneficial practices is the best way to bring long lasting healing to the body, mind, and soul.

Using the ancient and powerful practice of yoga, the body-complementary healing of Homeopathy, and the beauty of art therapy all together to create an effect on many body and energy levels.

Here at the Yoga Therapy Centre we believe that yoga is more than a physical asana practice, it is a lifestyle. To live yoga is to eat, sleep, dream, and breath yoga. Yoga is the utmost form of truth in its most pure form. We believe that yoga is a transformational process which occurs as a life long experience for every practicing yogi or yogini. No two bodies are or can be the same, which is why we focus on individual healing sessions for all clients who come to our centre. Individual practice and attention guarantees that the best practice will be undergone by the yogis, avoiding pain and injuries cause by lack of personal attention in group classes.

Homeopathy is offered as a tool to assist the powerful machine of our bodies to restore to their natural balance or homeostasis. It is a healing technique created by Dr.Hahnemann, who designed homeopathy to be a gentle cure with lasting effects without causing negative side effects on the patient. We administer the therapy to those who need it, in combination with their therapeutic yoga practice.

Art therapy has a long history even before its official label as a therapy. The use of art on the environment of a space has been in use since the dawn of mankind. Now as we learn more about energy in the world around us, we can see how and why art has had such a strong impact on humans for so long. The paintings we sell are all done with positive healing intention put into each one. We strongly believe that they are a key element in our Holistic healing.

Please contact us directly for a consultation or for any questions about therapies we offer and experience this powerful combination.

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