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Yoga Tradition Mysore

Be a professional teacher…

...a true way to self growth and a lifelong dignified profession anywhere in the world!

YOGA TRADITION is a gateway to traditional Yoga practice and study. It is a destination for those in search of a ‘Yoga and Ayurveda Heaven.’ We are one of the frontrunners in encouraging a culture of true Yoga and Ayurveda practice to enthusiasts who seek the same.

The programs offered are unique and specific to its nature to turn out conscious able practitioners and teachers. Our programs include numerous activities to make an individual effective and competent positioning themselves as unique individual teachers in the practice.

People the world over these days are looking for alternatives in every aspect of life. This has made the art of Yoga a thing of immense popularity. Yoga proves to be effective not only in curing from diseases, but preventing several diseases as well. It provides mental and physical balance. This preventive function of the practice of Yoga reflects in the ever increasing demand of Yoga in the world. With the increase in demand, career as a True Competent Professional Yoga Teacher is fast becoming highly remunerative.

All our courses can be taken on its own by students who only wish to develop a deeper understanding of Yoga and enrich their personal development, or with additional training it provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required to become truly ‘Qualified Yoga Practitioners.’

Yoga is always thought of as one part of the process of self development. It is the most valuable inheritance. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow. It is a process ‘to view or look at, contemplate, comprehend and see by divine intuition!’

Those who proceed diligently and patiently in their practice and study of Yoga can expect to unlock layer after layer of Yogic heritage and come to be aware in time the wonder of Yoga which the ancient texts speak about.

The YOGA TRADITION Yoga programs are a balance between the teachings of practical skills and the background and symbolic meaning inherent within the art of Yoga produced by these skills. The courses responds to the root meaning of the word ‘educate’ – that is to bring forth the individuals skills and talent and paving way with correct instruction for the onward journey of realization of one’s ‘Consciousness.’

YOGA TRADITION is an educational trust and a non-profit organization with a goal to teach Yoga and Ayurveda that has been handed to us by our ancient rishis and masters in its original form. The Yoga they practiced and taught is not only timeless in its appeal but also its efficacy, with zero margin for ambiguity.

Every single person who practices Yoga, no matter their faith, belief, religion, or their back ground and ideology they come from; experience for themselves the power of study and practice of the ancient science.

Yoga should be undertaken with the desire to evolve. The rest – physical, emotional and other changes are merely byproducts of Yoga and will be taken care of automatically.

OUR certification programs have been designed so that we ensure that the student has learnt and has practiced and are ready to go forth into the outside world as competent professionals to practice and teach others. We set the highest standards of evaluation so that the student benefits from proper Education and knowledge of the subject taught. The true meaning of education is ‘Educate’ this means to bring forth the best from each individual and this is the work of the teacher to the student. With this we build a proper quality structure of study and practice that eventually makes students especially young people to be human beings with the right balance in life.

Welcome to your Gurukulam!

Yoga has been acknowledged as the fundamental state of cosmic order, and is in the unique position in promoting understanding and tolerance between cultures and builds a better future for everyone.

YOGA TRADITION GURUKULAM is on a hillock a few kilometers from the Mysore railway station within the city of Mysore, nestled in an old up market residential area. The area is leafy green in a pleasantly breezy uphill location with greenery dotted, with beautiful bungalows.

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  • Mysore, Karnataka, South India
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  • No. 81, 2nd main, 4th Cross, Yadavagiri, Mysore 570020, Karnataka State, INDIA.
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  • Phone: +917815072323

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