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We believe that the best way to learn how to teach yoga is to immerse yourself completely in a yogic lifestyle and practice so that your teaching comes from your own personal experience. Our course is designed to give a profound experience of all aspects of yoga including; Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (proper breathing), Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching philosophy and Proper diet. Our teachings incorporate many tools and techniques that guide students through their own journey as a teacher, allowing each graduate to emerge with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. We believe that the path of yoga is a lifelong journey and commitment. Our aim is that all students will experience growth, a deeper connection with themselves and a strong understanding of how to introduce this journey to others. We are seeking students who understand that further study, practice and commitment are needed to continue their personal evolution and excellence in teaching.

Course Objective:

Broaden your understanding of yoga principles.

Strengthen your personal yoga practice.

Build a firm foundation from which to teach others.

Course Curriculum:

Asana class

Two daily asana classes, two hours each.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Thorough explanation and demonstration

Individual adjustments.

Various techniques (props, walls etc.) on how to improve and deepen your practice

Meditation and Pranayama Classes

Meditation takes time and dedication to develop a strong practice, but here you will be given the tools to initiate and deepen your ability with two daily guided meditation classes including pranayama.

Purpose and benefits of meditation

Different types of meditation(Japa, Silent Walking etc.)

Introduction to Pranayama, Anuloma-Viloma, Ujayi, Brahmri, Shitalli, Bhastrika

Excursion in the mountains to experience deeper pranayama and meditation

Importance and purpose of various sitting postures

Skills to guide yourself and others through meditation and pranayama

Philosophy and Yoga Sutra Lectures

We offer an easy and comprehensive approach allowing you to gain a greater understanding of yoga hence helping you to lead a greater emotional and mental well-being in order to live a more fufilling and meaningful life.

Analysis of both the text and commentary of Bhadavad Gita (classical yoga scripture)

Detailed explanation of the 1st chapter of Patanjali Yoga Sutra (Samadhi Pada)

Different Paths of Yoga

8 Limbs of Yoga


Mantra (spiritual energy through sound)






Chakras and Granthis

Anatomy and Physiology

Students are introduced to major body systems and the effects of asana and pranayama on these systems.

Centre of gravity

Nervous System

Skeletal System

Joints (knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, hip)

Muscular system and IMP muscles

Scoliosis and postural disorders

GTO, Reciprocal Inhibition, Stretch Reflexes

Endocrine System, Glands and Hormones

Common diseases (Diabetes, Menstrual Disorder)

Digestive System

Shat Kriyas

Shat kriyas are the yogic purification processes which includes cleansing of the nasal and air passages, oesophagus and stomach. Here our students will be guided through various purification exercises with thorough explanation of the effects. These processes will allow the student to experience deeper meditation and pranayama practices.


Jala Neti

Sutra Neti

Kunjal Kriya



Teaching Philosophy

Our experienced teachers will provide instruction on the art of yoga instruction including:

How to be an effective teacher

How to sequence a yoga class

Hands on adjustments

How to observe and understand how the body moves

The art of the voice

Confidence though practice teaching

The purpose and use of props, both in personal practice and the class setting

Practical teaching classes.

Proper Diet

An Ayurvedic practitioner will join us to discuss how a proper diet can enhance your yoga practice and life as a whole. This introduction will give us time to practice a 30-day diet plan, guided by experienced chefs, throughout the course.

Origin of Ayurveda

How ayurveda treats different diseases and complaints

Doshas and the different types

How diet affects the mind and the body


The healing affects of fasting

Training manual

The training manual was carefully designed by our experienced teachers to be easy to understand and will be a great reference guide for future use.


The aim of the examinations is to access your understanding of the subjects and to give you the opportunity to further develop the areas you are lacking. This will help to ensure your complete development during the course.

Written Examination will be held every 2 weeks.

Practical teaching test will be held twice to develop your proficiency of teaching.

Shad karmas practical test.


At the end of the course, all participants who have attended the specified number of classes and pass the examinations will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course is registered with The Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level, so graduates can become registered

OUR APPROACH: Yoga Vini classes meet you at your level of ability – beginner, intermediate or advanced – and then our teachers help you get more out of each pose. We do this through careful explanations and gently and specific adjustments. Often, we suggest seemingly small adjustments but these can make a big difference in your practice. Yet, all the time we recognize that yoga is not a matter of “accomplishing” some set notion of a pose, but rather it is about honoring where you are at and then helping you get to the next stage. We don:t force poses; rather, we assist, encourage, and support you all along the way. Many students have found our adjustments to be be very helpful. Small shifts can make a big difference.

OUR STYLE: We offer great techniques and simple tips that are well-explained and easy to understand. All eight limbs of yoga are encouraged and supported. Each class concludes with a gentle and very healing massage allowing for a deep relaxation.

OUR LOCATIONS: We have two locations: A new studio in Laxman jhula which is right on the banks of the Ganges where you can see and hear the gently flowing and sacred river during class. Our studio in Ram jhula has its own sweetness in a peaceful and green area in this part of town.

SPIRITUALITY AND YOGA: These definitely go together. In this rich spiritual atmosphere of Rishikesh and on the banks of the sacred Ganges, we give helpful teachings and discussions about yoga`s profound philosophical and spiritual basis along with heart-expanding bhajans and kirtans.

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