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Yoga is a personal journey towards wellness, healing and self-mastery. At YogaVahini, we walk with you on this journey by evolving personalized yoga programs that enable you to heal from within and realize your highest potential. Our classes for healing and self-mastery are offered predominantly one-on-one unless the situation requires the spouse/parent/caretaker to participate & support.

The one-on-one environment enables us to develop an in-depth understanding of who you are – as each student has a unique physiology, skeletal-muscular structure, mental & emotional patterns and energy levels. We can then adapt the various tools of Yoga to suit your specific needs, capabilities, goals, and life circumstances. The tools include conscious & mindful breathing, appropriately sequenced & individualized physical movements, meditation, visualization, diet & life style modification and counseling.

Stepping beyond conventional practice of offering yoga as a fitness regime, classes at YogaVahini will focus on deeper change and transformation at all levels.

What is unique about this Program?

-It is based on a holistic understanding of the human system

-The approach is individual centric and not disease-centric.

-Every person’s starting point is unique - Practices will be developed after assessing the individual’s abilities and working up from there onwards.

-It integrates a wide array of tools from yoga and allied systems of healing

-Practices are progressively adapted to the changing needs, challenges and life situations of

each individual.

-It is an empowering process where each individual is able to harness the healing potential within and move towards deeper healing and enduring wellness.

What will I learn?

-You will learn to connect with your body and breath at a deeper level. Through gentle movements that improve your flexibility, strength and alignment. Breath work establishes the foundation for any positive change to come.

-You can choose to advance your practice of self-exploration by studying the Yoga Sutra and delving deeper into meditation and mindfulness practices.

-You will learn a variety of methods for identifying and releasing stress.

-You will develop greater control over your thoughts and actions and therefore become more efficient at whatever you do.

Visit the website for information about upcoming retreats and workshops. YogaVahini also offers TTC's and Yoga Therapist Trainings in Hyderabad.

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  • Chennai, Plot #44, 4th Street, IIT Colony, Narayanapuram, Pallikaranai,
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  • Phone: +91-44-24460086

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